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What is Corporate restructuring?

Restructuring is the repair and adjustment of the elements constituting ensuring the survival and development of enterprises. Any model re structure would have to create the core objectives as optimized sewing things onions, minimize costs and maximize profits.

There are many classic formula for corporate restructuring. although However basically, the formula is just a common way for businesses review, reference, and applying that formula depending how depending on each specific business. Currently the pair of recipe into the process to cater to the restructuring is a trend all weak. Criteria for methods of restructuring and the same standard with Franchise model that is standardized to ensure maximum and efficient The highest (and still can be effective cloning).

If the temporary taking of tissue encapsulation method Franchise mode, the process is the most important chemical. So using models Input, Process and Criteria Standard, Output to analyze, we will find out the optimal restructuring business.

At present, enterprises need restructuring can be divided into 3 categories: 1 is the drop in revenue is severe, the risk of bankruptcy: Type 2 is start-up businesses with the ability to develop, but how it works an ineffective, Type 3 is now developed and want to play Breakthrough boom.

With this type of business, the number one priority is restructuring the district related to the sales. Factors related to sales may indicate consists of the following stages:

- Look at the product (Product Research)
- Locate customers (Location)
- Research the customer presence channels (Customer Media)
- Research on media messages (Copy Writing)
- Research on innovative design of brand identity products (Creative Design)
- The tools to reach customers, documented information, auto consultant before sale (Landing Page, Link PR, CF Link, SaleBOT)
- Consultation by telephone in sales (Telesale)
- Customer Care Service after sales (Call Center)
- Manage customer relationships (CRM)
- Develop social data of clients including: Reputation, Experience, Education, Relationships, capacity to pay. (Social CRM)
- Optimize freight (Logistic)
- Application of modern technologies such as ERP management, Social CRM (Social Business), Social Operating System (Social Business), Warehouse Management (Store Management)
- Standardize HR skills by modeling Training Technology (Coach-Tech) combined with metabolic way labor skills in Franchise Social (Social Franchise)

(

The most important point was easily optimize sales is the combination of these factors into a process to create the highest efficiency. That is the headache of today's enterprise. Scale enterprises as well as issue. Big business will be restructured how sales other small and medium enterprises, depending on the intrinsic capacity of the source financial, personnel, brands, products which have market appropriate policy decisions.

Not out the restructuring, factors such as cost and Minimize Sustainable development is also an important criterion in CG Effective now. Currently, failure to capture the standards and regulations The enterprise makes the cost of huge expansion. For example, a assembly process of a company booth event shall need 10 personnel with professional foreign partners than they need only 02 operations staff Standard processes have been designed and prepared, this is the thinking Know the results before starting that Vietnamese enterprises are very weak and lack of solutions.

Finally, the elements of sustainable development are the dream of business big business. May indicate shared economic model as Uber, Airbnb, .. when there a large community contributing resources and the operation is a standard model for the new enterprise. You can also get criteria equal society social business model (Social Business - System version social operator) as a model for optimizing large economic conglomerates in Vietnam Union men to model, using the same platform (Social Enterprise Platform), which supply Technology, Media, Sources capital, shared office, general office at Vincom Group hop..Hien Vietnam's active in the model structure platform (Platform Structure) is very effective. This is also due to the typical reference to the large enterprise restructuring in order to come into sustainable development.

So optimizing corporate restructuring takes time and research Intensive research and business destination. While not yet found is the most perfect model, the ongoing restructuring of sales area, Governance is important to do any business. Only when certainly exist, the new thinking about development. and obviously it restructuring must also regional Capital (Capital) to develop.

Ta Chau Son
Chief Architect of Social Operating System Design

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What people say about Social CRM
Corporate restructuring how effective?

Large corporations such as Toyota, Apple, IBM, ... are continuous restructuring process by applying new technologies and to launch innovative products, Enterprise Application Platform Social Principles (Structure background social enterprises) to maintain a huge apparatus that operates very smoothly.

International newspapers - Foreign ministry

Corporate restructuring: Large, Small needs

Every business must continually restructuring, but depending on the size of that conduct. Can initially chosen as the focus, focus, then can edit and entirely new model.

HCM City Business Association

Restructuring sales is priority No. 1

Every business must continually restructuring, but depending on the size of that conduct. Can initially chosen as the focus, focus, then can edit and entirely new model.

Investment Report - Ministry of Planning & Investment

Time Social Business - Social Business has come?

E-Commerce (E-Commerce or Business number - Digital Business) has been a revolution in the Social Media and Social Commerce Business is sure to be a great improvement and restructuring of the second world economy great.

International newspapers - Foreign ministry

Businesses adapt to social networks like?

The explosion of the internet, the number of consumers using social networks (MXH) growing at a rate rapid rise has caused enterprises to Vietnam need a fundamental change in strategic sales and market.

International newspapers - Foreign ministry

New trend on the Internet: Social Business

With the software tools and social media like Facebook, Zalo, Beetalk, Line, Viber ... a new form of business was launched to help businesses develop breakthrough and sustainable, it is the social business.

Investment newspapers - Ministry of Planning & Investment

Board of directors


Ta Chau Son

Inventors - Chief Architect
Senior Specialist, The Scientific Research & Applications Leading Sustainable Development of Business Social Impact Social Business.

Vice Chairman

Ta Thuy

CEO & Co-Founder

- As one of the first people to build a system eCommerce VietBaby in Vietnam. Applied and improved CRM DSA deployments serving thousands Sellers managed to increase sales.
- Engineers BSE bridge for the Japanese market, the US, Australia: Executive and deployment projects CRM, ERP for foreign corporations.
- Director of Product Gamification ZingMe of VNG: As one of the first to create the Social Network Game for companies tamtay 2010, VNG directly invited him to become chief Gamification MXH ZingMe Director. In four years, he and his team created a lot ZingMe products to bring the number of users up to 5 million and achieved sales of 100 billion / 1 month.
- President & CEO of Startup EVUI., JSC: 2013, Startup noticed trend started booming in the world, he and director ZingMe operation, the company has established technology platform create Mobile Social Network & Gamification & CRM the best at that time hundreds of thousands of users.
- Deputy General Director & Shareholder egroup corporate strategy: in 2014, the Group egroup with ambition to become No. 1 in the number of E-Learning Education has invested more than $ 1 million in EVUI ., JSC (now ApaxEnglish) and invited him to shareholder and deputy general director of technology, strategy and product egroup in 5 years, direct construction is the E-Learning education and deploy the system direct Sales (direct Sales) . Currently, developing egroup very strong with over 5 million users Students, operating more than 50 large chain of English centers across the country.
- Vice Chairman & CEO of Social CRM: Realizing the trend Business Social Network (Social Business) definitely booming, while ecosystems and Technology Startup Vietnam ready in May 3/2016, he and the chief architect Nicholas Chau Son established the social CRM company JSC to realize social business operating System into a social networks social Trading Debut (SocialBiz ) , the goal of creating hundreds of thousands SocialCEO, solved the problem of unemployment, the circulation of goods, market confidence.

Member of BOD

Pham Vu Hiep

COO deploy solution corporate restructuring SocialCRM

With over 16 years of experience in the field Information Technology - Analysis and design of information systems, software , integrated system of foreign technology (Saigon Postel Corp., -SPT ; ITC JSC., DTS Corp., HSBC Vietnam, Cisco Vietnam, IBM Vietnam, Huawei Technologies Vietnam, ...), working abroad (Hong Kong SAR, Australia, USA), from the position of senior specialist division systems analysis and design information to the location senior director of solutions (senior solution Director), CIO, COO, General Manager FMCG sector (corporations Properties Great Beer Vietnam - Long ITS Hung JSC.,).
After graduating from the Master of Business Administration - specialized in e-commerce at the National University in San Diego, California, he was a founding member, director of project deployment model combines eCommerce model 03 "e-commerce B2B, B2C - Affiliate Marketing - social Network" (
President & CEO Investment Company, Services and Development Debut Online (KNO JSC.,) Ongoing sales floor model and sales administration - PhD to complete ERP systems Mega Online (Social Enterprise Business) .
Board Member companies SocialCRM: With extensive experience and strong determination to create a system Debut Online - Social Business vision which aims to (Social Networking Business Social Debut), he was involved connect your system's resources in the Social business Platform, and directly deploy Solution restructuring of the Social enterprise CRM through subsidiaries FIR Ventures (now he is the CEO of FIR Ventures., JSC).

Member of ThinkTank

Member of ThinkTank

Dang Quoc Tuan

Restructuring Professionals CEO & Management International Cooperation PR Social CRM

Currently he holds the position of Directors Corporation Vietnam North geology. He has over 20 years of experience working in various positions in the Group CN Coal - Minerals of Vietnam (Vinacomin) from Marketing Expert, Deputy Head in charge of production and business plan - cost, Economics deputy director of mining company Coal - Vinacomin members; Secretary - Assistant to the General Director, Deputy Head of Planning - Cost and IT Head of Science Committee - IT and Development Strategy of Vinacomin. He also has experience counseling restructuring, start-up business for a number of businesses, and participate in E-commerce activities ..

Graduated mining engineer at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology in 1993, he in Quang Ninh and began his career at a company in Cam Pha coal (a member unit of Vinacomin later), while the his work has been completed by the 2nd University of economic Management of the Polytechnic University of Hanoi, International MBA at the Asian Institute of technology (AIT) - the curriculum in Thailand and Norway, and many programs training: senior Administration program for the mining sector at the Carl Duisberg (Germany); training program development strategy for small and medium businesses, IT management for Public Section in Vietnam - Singapore Training Centre; curriculum chief financial officer (CFO) of the Academy of Finance; TaoThuc practical courses in dispute resolution contract import - export of Foreign Trade University, Research and Training Marketing Fundamentals for VINACOAL of Swinburn University of Technology, ...

Restructuring Professionals CEO & Management International Cooperation PR Social CRM: Recognizing trends Business Social Network (Social Business) definitely booming, while ecosystems and Technology Startup Vietnam ready in May 11/2016, he joined as a Council member thinktank Restructuring Professionals CEO & Management international Cooperation PR Social CRM solutions to prepare a Social Business international franchise.

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